About Us

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease, other dementias and delirium are universally prevalent, yet markedly unique in today’s acute and primary care environments. Their experiences within the healthcare system are overwhelming and their impact on healthcare costs is alarming.
There is a better way

Who We Are
Cognitive Solutions LLC is a specialized consultancy to hospitals and healthcare providers that focuses on improvement of operating efficiencies and patient, caregiver and staff satisfaction regarding patients with cognitive impairment.

Mike Splaine, the principal at Cognitive Solutions, has 25 years of experience with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. His extended team consists of nurses, social workers, researchers and other industry specialists. Mike, along with JJ Jordan, is the co-developer of the Thinking About Thinking® protocols for acute and primary care patients with cognitive impairment.image003

Cognitive Solutions is a sponsor and knowledge partner of the National Post-Acute Care Continuum (NPACC), whose mission is to educate and share best practices in post-acute care and care transitions that are aligned with the mandates of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through national summits and local events.

What We Do
We help your organization design a customized plan to address:

The gap between prevalence and detection of cognitively impaired patients.
Cost reductions and avoidance of long stays for patients with cognitive impairment.
Improvement of care and safety outcomes for cognitively impaired patients.
Risk reduction for CMS re-admission penalties for patients with cognitive impairment.
Improvement of experience and satisfaction for patients, caregivers and staff.

How Our Clients Benefit
Increased market share through cognitive impairment friendly and capable differentiation.
Establishment of person-centered care for cognitively impaired patients.
Leading-edge positioning for trending demographics.
Strengthened relationships with the Alzheimer’s and dementia community.

How We Work
Our consulting group provides Speakers, Seminars and Consulting Services to guide your team toward improvement in satisfaction and efficiencies regarding patients with cognitive impairment.